About Tom Seed

Hi guys, my name is Tom Seed, I'm an ex Mens Physique competitor, Crossfit athlete, business owner and I have worked in the supplement industry for 10 years.

I’ve always had a real drive to be active. I was swimming captain at British level, and was in the rugby 1st team. From age 19-24 I saw insane progress in the gym and with the knowledge I have aquired over the last decade I want to pass this on to you guys looking to achieve your physique goals too.

I really understand the struggle of working an office based job for most of the day, so I can relate to many of you in that sense. Rest assured, an office based job isn't a bad thing. It's about training smart and eating the right foods.

Tom Seed


I like to do functional fitness, running, strongman training, and bodybuilding. I guess I’m a hybrid athlete. In summer it's always good to get leaner for holidays, pool parties, events and generally feel better. In order to lose body fat you don't have to do a specfic type of exercise you can do a variety like me.

I enjoy working a 9-5 because it gives my day structure. I know when I need to eat, train, meal prep and get to bed. The routine makes it easier – Monday to Friday means training and food from 6-8pm. Then I do my podcast at the weekend.

Balance is everything. Always ask yourself what you’re doing this for? Your sport, your training, the way you eat. Focus on levelling up and being lean, fit & healthy.


Tom Seed


I have deliberately designed the 8-week summer shred plans to be accessible for any level. So whether you've been hitting the gym everyday for years and struggled to get the results you want, or you've never stepped foot on a gym floor before, it's  here to help you gain motivation, keep momentum and stay accountable to the goals you set for yourself.

I've created an expert led guide, coupled with motivation and accountability to help you get-up-and-go and stay on track for the eight weeks and beyond. Everyone has their own starting point! It's up to you where you end up...


Tom Seed