Here are some images from my shoot with Repwear Fitness. Current condition, May 2017.

Product Review: Krill Oil vs Cod Liver Oil

Is there any real difference between Krill Oil and cod liver oil, and is one better than the other?

This article addresses what the main differences are and the reasons I feel that Krill Oil is the better choice.

The Protein Ball Co.

The ideal snack is not only delicious but also good for you. Have you heard of the Protein Ball Co? If not, you need to try out these protein balls!

Favourite Nut Butters!

What is your favourite nut butter? How healthy are they?

These days, picking out a nut butter can be a hard task, due to so many options on the shelves. Are you really sure if you’re getting the right one—or if it’s actually doing everything the jar claims.

My Daily Morning Shake!

How do you kick start your day?

I am normally in the office for around 7:30am so I don’t tend to have very long for my breakfast. I have created this morning shake to get in the essential nutrients very quickly before I get to work.

Workout: The Bicep Blaster

When training my biceps I have found I made the most progress by starting my workouts with my strength movements, then later in the workout chase a pump until my heart’s content.

MusclePax – Samples & Accessories

Can you keep up with supplement trends?

The fitness industry has boomed. There are hundreds of products, supplements, snacks, bars, gels and it is hard to try them all – without spending a fortune.

Bit of Kip: How Important is Sleep..

How well do you sleep? Could you improve your rest and recovery?

Most athletes are incredibly mindful of what they consume whilst training, not only with regards to food and drink, but also with their intake of sports related supplements.

My Top 4 Pre Workout Supplements

Do you sometimes lack energy and motivation to get to the gym?

Yes I do. Often I get home at around 8pm and lack the drive to get to a gym on an evening. Thank god for Pre Workout!

My Top 3 Supplements for Rugby Players

This weekend is the start of the 6 Nations rugby tournament. Rugby is one of my favourite sports, which I played for over 10 years. Looking to see how the England players have been training & how they perform throughout the 6 Nations tournament. Supplements & nutrition is a huge part of training, especially with the strength…

Healthy Snack: Boostball

Do you find yourself snacking? Have you considered a high protein option?

I am often hungry in between meals especially if I am at the gym late the night before. Snacking is something that is very hard especially when sticking to a strict diet. To help you out, I have discovered a high protein, nutritious snack – which I love!

Gym Clothing: Unique Physique

Have you tried out Unique Physique clothing?

Over the last couple of years, gym clothing has become way more fashionable, so hopefully I can keep you up to date with some of the industry trends.