Customise your own Pre Workout Supplement!

The UK’s first customisable pre workout supplement is here!!

It has finally arrived. Thanks to Athlete Formula Nutrition (AFN) you can now fully customise your pre workout. Choose how much stimulant, pump and buzz you want.

Review: Muc-Off Athlete Performance

Who get’s DOMS after training hard?

Who get’s sore hamstrings after leg day?

I have recently discovered a few products that help with DOMS and recovery after training hard.


I visited two gyms in Newcastle for this gym shoot. Gym Elite & Unit 29 Fitness. What are your thoughts on my first ever Gym Shoot?


Here are some images from my shoot with Repwear Fitness. Current condition, May 2017.

Workout: The Bicep Blaster

When training my biceps I have found I made the most progress by starting my workouts with my strength movements, then later in the workout chase a pump until my heart’s content.

Back Workout: Building a V-Taper

Do you want to improve your back? Have you got a good V-taper? This blog post is a brief run through of a typical back workout that I enjoy and believe works very well for me. I focus on lifting heavy weights in back workouts, working on a 6 to 8 rep range. This worked best for…