The Best Whey Protein on the Market: Native Whey

If you want to improve your recovery rate and optimise your sports performance, then it pays to research the best quality whey protein supplement. I believe I have found a winning formula in The Native Whey, which can be purchased from this online store by clicking here.

The Native Whey is an affordable, high purity supplement that can make a real difference to your fitness when used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet. The difference comes from the way the supplement is made. For a start, the whey protein comes directly from milk, rather than cheese. This reduces the volume of unwanted hormones and antibodies that find their way to the protein powder. Microfiltration is used to separate the whey protein molecules directly from casein and other milk products, followed by low-temperature drying that preserves many of the delicate digestive enzymes that would otherwise be broken down.

The key benefits that makes the Native Whey the best protein powder on the market:

– 94% Protein Content
– No Hormones and No Antibiotics
– Made with Milk from Grass Fed Cattle
– No Cheesy Residues
– Low Temperature Micro-filtration
– 15% more Leucine than other WPI
– No Chemical Agents
– Muscle Recovery after only 30 minutes
– Easy to Consume, mixes with 150ml water
– Added Digestive Enzymes to increase Protein uptake by an additional 45%
– 100% Natural Flavouring
– Clean to Taste, Smart to Shake.

The Native Whey can be purchased in Natural, Madagascan Vanilla or Belgium Chocolate flavours from this online store by clicking here.

Thanks for reading,

Tom Seed

Hot off the Chest Press.

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