Thoughts on my first ever Gym Shoot?

I visited two gyms in Newcastle for this gym shoot. Gym Elite & Unit 29 Fitness. Both gyms were bursting with top quality equipment, a great atmosphere with friendly staff. I highly recommend both gyms and will be returning very soon!


I took my photography genius Ste Dunn who has his own creative photography company called Prince Wor. He has only recently started gathering his portfolio of fitness models and gym enthusiasts but as you can see he captured some excellent shots!



Gym Elite website CLICK HERE.

Unit 29 Fitness website CLICK HERE.

NUTRITION TIP: Take on board amino acids on board especially on training days, either before, during and after training. This not only prevents muscle tissue from being broken down, but can also help to induce muscle protein synthesis so your muscles grow bigger and stronger.

Thanks for reading,

Tom Seed

Hot off the Chest Press.


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