Bit of Kip: How Important is Sleep..

How well do you sleep? Could you improve your rest and recovery?

Most athletes are incredibly mindful of what they consume whilst training, not only with regards to food and drink, but also with their intake of sports related supplements.

Sleep is, without doubt, one of the most important factors in the preparation for a competitive sporting event. In addition to physical conditioning and balanced healthy eating regimes, sleep plays a huge role in athletic performance. The length and more importantly, quality of sleep is key to a winning performance. Studies confirm that performance declines with poor split-second decision making following poor sleep. Results also showed increased accuracy in well rested subjects.


Many high-level athletes, in-particular body builders, experience irregular sleep patterns due to the high-energy supplements they consume in their daily diets. Every single person on the planet has a ‘Sleep Cycle’, this is what tells your body when to get tired and when to wake up in the morning. We all have a natural and extremely delicate balance of neuro-transmitters which flush the brain with chemical signals. This is what helps to keep the cycle working properly. Taking high-energy supplements has an adverse affect on your sleep cycle and have been proven to interfere with this very sensitive balance.

With sleep being one of the most important factors in successful competing it’s alarming to see that after 4 days of restricted sleep, an athletes maximum bench-press drops by a minimum of 10 kgs!


Here at Hot Off The Chest Press we have been extremely excited to hear about a local company called Kip Mattresses. Kip’s main aim in the design process was to help those athletes who struggle with sleep. Kip are a company based in Harrogate who specialise in mattresses for injury recovery and sportspeople. 5 key elements that work in conjunction with each other, set Kip Mattresses apart from other sports mattress producers on the market.

  1. A medical grade foundation layer – This provides support and durability, proven to minimise bed sores.
  2. An elastic support layer – Castellated in shape with over 7500 individual supports.
  3. A Gel foam comfort later – Promoting pressure relief to aid recovery from soft tissue injuries, joint and bone injuries and general aches and pains.
  4. A ‘body zone’ layer – further comfort, pressure relief and airflow.
  5. An intelligent cover – Proven in clinical tests to reduce pain, improve circulation and enables effective muscle repair.

We know how important the daily intake of vitamins and supplements is to many athletes and a good nights’ sleep will be easier to achieve on one of Kip’s scientifically proven mattresses. To visit their website, click here.

Thanks for reading,

Tom Seed

Hot off the Chest Press.

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