My Top 4 Pre Workout Supplements

Do you sometimes lack energy and motivation to get to the gym?

Yes I do. Often I get home at around 8pm and lack the drive to get to a gym on an evening. Thank god for Pre Workout! It’s the perfect product for that energy boost and focus to get to the gym. Below are my top 4 Pre Workouts of all time.


Dynamo – Protein Dynamix

  • Anti Fatigue
  • Blueberry tastes good
  • Intense muscle pumps
  • Insane energy
  • No post workout crash
    Flavour: 4/5  Energy: 4/5

Evolve Godzillorade – GDZ Supplements

  • Change in mindset
  • Great tasting – especially the Cola!
  • Insane energy
  • Mega thermogenic buzz
  • Huge muscle pumps
    Flavour: 5/5  Energy: 4/5


The Curse – Cobra Labs

  • Improved Concentration
  • Great tasting
  • Extreme mental focus
  • Big 50 serves per tub
    Flavour: 4/5  Energy: 5/5

Pre Freak – Freak Athletics

  • Improved Focus
  • Intense muscle pumps
  • Quick to kick in!
  • Huge muscle pumps
    Flavour: 4/5  Energy: 4/5


WORKOUT TIP:  Find a workout buddy.

Find a friend who also wants to establish a healthier lifestyle. Encourage one another. Exercise together. Use this as an opportunity to enjoy one another’s company and to push each others limits.

To buy any of these pre workouts click the name below:
Dynamo – Protein Dynamix
Pre Freak – Freak Athletics
The Curse – Cobra Labs
Evolve: Godzillorade – GDZ Supplements

Thanks for reading,

Tom Seed

Hot off the Chest Press.

2 thoughts on “My Top 4 Pre Workout Supplements

  1. I lack motivation to go to the gym after a tough day of work as well, but I have another problem when taking preworkout late in the day – I can’t fall asleep at night.. Do you have any pre-workout recommandations that don’t contain high amounts of caffeine, but
    still give you the needed boost to crush a workout?


    1. Hi Jurica,

      I would suggest a pre workout that has a low – medium caffeine content but also contains Beta Alanine to help with the tingle effect.

      I find that the tingle makes me feel alert and focused. I would suggest low caffeine if you want to sleep at night! If I find a good one I will let you know!

      Thanks – Tom.


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